Drink Water With Meals?

Drink water with meal?

Drink Water With Meals?

Do you drink water with meals? Most times there is a sudden irresistible urge to drink water while eating, why is this so? Is there any effect of this practice on your health, how can you cob the thirst that comes with mealtime? All these and more will be addressed in this article.
Little observation that cost an African lady her marriage
Son, how
 sure are you this lady will make a good wife. Dad because the sudden change in interest, you have always loved her and desire me to get married to her. 
Son, it is discourteous for a lady to present food to her guests without water, or woman what do you think?  
Son if I may add to your dad’s observation, it shows a lack of home training for a young lady of a marriageable age to do such. 
Presenting food with water or without water, which is wrong?  
Read on to ascertain your assumed answer. 
Human beings can survive without food for about a month and a few weeks, but they cannot do without water, three to five days of not drinking water, life might cease to exist.
Water composes about 70% of our average weight.
Water is responsible for almost all processes and functions carried out in our body, which includes absorption, digestion, circulation, excretion, transportation of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, maintenance of body temperature, just to mention a few.


Headache, toxin build-up, acid stomach, muscle pain, hot flash, chronic fatigue syndrome, bowel and bladder problems, heartburns, indigestion, unpleasant-smelling urine, affects short-term memory, lightheadedness, lack of concentration, sleepiness, etc.


Apart from the above stated, water intake washes the acid out of your esophagus, dilutes it, reduces stress, lubricates the joints and inter-organ spares, boosts endurance, and removes impurities from the body, regulates body temperature, keeps skin hydrated.


Drink enough to keep the urine colorless.

WRONG DRINKING HABITS: (Drink Water With Meals?)

Many make the mistake of drinking cold water with their meals. Food should not be washed down. Taken with meals, water diminishes the flow of saliva, and the colder the water, the greater the injury to the stomach. Ice water or ice lemonade, taken with meals, will arrest digestion until the system has imparted sufficient warmth to the stomach to enable it to take up its work again. Masticate slowly and allow the saliva to mingle with the food. ~Counsel on Health 199.2-120.1 by E. G. White. ~
The more liquid there is taken into the stomach with the meals, the more difficult it is for the food to digest, for the liquid must first be absorbed. Do not eat largely of salt; give up spiced pickles; keep fiery food out of the stomach; eat fruit with the meals, and the irritation that calls for so much drink will cease to exist. But if anything is needed to quench the thirst, pure water is all that nature requires. Never take tea, coffee, beer, wine, or any spirituous liquor. IBID


The reasons you feel thirsty while eating is because:
1) You did not take enough water at least 30 minutes before mealtime.
2). Your food is spicy.
3). Your food might contain too much salt, causing an increase in its concentration in the body, this triggers the hypothalamus which is the thirst center of the body.
4). Habit, like the family mentioned above, it becomes a norm to eat with a cup of water whether you are thirsty or not.
5). Maybe you eat too fast, not chewing your food very well thereby making no room for the saliva to mingle very well with your meals might lead to being thirsty, so eat slowly and masticate your meal very well.
  • Drinking water with your meals delays digestion because.
  • The water will first be separated from the food, if cold, the body will first work on the water to get it at room temperature, demanding the blood rush to the stomach to accomplish this task, thereby causing you tiredness and dizziness…
  • The water taken with meal washes down or dilutes the saliva and digestive juices, resulting in improper digestion.
  • Indigestion is associated with bloating
  • Indigestion is one of the major causes of disease.
Back to our initial question which of the two classes was correct, the family of the fiancé or fiancée?


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