Hot Foot Bath Hydrotherapy

Hot Foot Bath Hydrotherapy

Definition: Hot foot bath hydrotherapy is a local bath that covers the feet and ankles with temperatures generally ranging between 100 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 to 46 degrees Centigrade

Is it good to soak your feet in hot water?

Soaking your feet in warm water is a very good way of soothing the muscles and nerves and relieving aches and pains.

Warm water has a soothing effect on the nerves and muscles giving you a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Benefits Of Hot Foot Bath hydrotherapy

  • Promotes circulation throughout the body.
  • Boosts the immune system, significantly increases lymph flow.
  • Has neurological soothing effects such as promoting relaxation, relieves fatigue and insomnia.
  • Other effects include; pain relief, relief of headaches, colds, asthma, and nasal congestion.
  • The hot foot bath is also safer and more hygienic than taking a hot bath for many people, especially those who have heart conditions, heat intolerance or may be prone to urinary tract infections.

Hot Foot Bath Hydrotherapy Treatment indications.

Hot Foot bath affects the entire body circulation by dilating the blood vessels in the lower extremities, relieving congestion of other parts of the body, (for example congestive headache, stopping nose bleedings, relieving chest congestion, relieving pelvic congestion.)

This process of shifting blood from one part of the body to another is called derivation.

Hot foot bath Hydrotherapy is a useful measure in unifying circulation, shortens a cold, decongest the brain, lungs, and abdominal organs diminishes pain anywhere in the body (from toothaches to backaches), relieves fatigue and nervous tension, and prepares a person for any cold treatment or massage.

Hot Foot Bath Contraindications

  • Circulatory disturbances, peripheral arterial disease
  • Impaired sensation (neuropathy)
  • Blood vessel disorders
  • Swelling in feet and legs
  • Varicose veins
  • Skin rashes on legs
  • Rheumatoid or gouty arthritis in the feet when the joints are “hot” and swollen
  • Mild heat should be used for Diabetics.


  1. A chair.
  2. A large-mouthed bucket or a foot tub or deep dishpan of a deep plastic bowl
  3. Two medium towels or washcloths (for cold compress to the head)
  4. A kettle or container of boiling water.
  5. 2 blankets (to wrap the person well)
  6. Large plastic or waterproof material to keep under the foot tub (to protect the bedding if lying down or keep the floor dry if seated.)
  7. A basin of cold water


Ensure a warm, draught-free environment, and spread the waterproof material where the treatment will be given.

How do you do foot hydrotherapy?

Treatment Proper For Hot Foot Bath Hydrotherapy

  1. Pray
  2. Fill the foot tub with water to completely cover the ankle.
  3. Test water with a thermometer, preferably (40 degrees Centigrade/104 degrees Fahrenheit), if not available the elbow or back of the wrist could be used to test if the is tolerable.
  4. Put your hands under the person’s feet being treated and gently immerse them in the warm water, ask the person if the temperature of the water is Okey adjust according to the person’s needs by adding cold or hot water.
  5. Completely wrap the person’s and the foot tub (to avoid heat escape), leave the head and neck exposed
  6. When sweating occurs, place a cold wet towel or washcloth on the forehead (to avoid brain damage) and wipe off the perspiration from the face
  7. Add hot water periodically to the person’s tolerance, ensure to place your hand between the hot water been poured and the person’s feet, and stir water while pouring (to avoid burning)
  8. Warm water should be taken periodically to enhance sweating and replace fluid lost through sweating. Drink a hot cup of tea you can use ginger tea or lemon tea that will help sweat even more
  9. Treatment should last between 15 to 20 minutes.


Pray with the patient they are done with the hot foot bath hydrotherapy treatment.

  1. Gently lift the feet out of the water and quickly pour cold water on the feet (to close the pores of the skin and protect against infections)
  2. The person\’s feet should be dried and cover.
  3. Some time should be given to the person to rest after which the person can have a shower or bath.

Is it better to soak sore feet in hot or cold water?

Soaking the foot in hot or cold water depends on the result you desire to have, you can our article on hydrotherapy to see the outcome of either cold or hot.

For feet with a sore, it is best to combine both the hot and cold therapies, you get a better result. Soak the affected feet in hot water for 3(three) minutes and then in the cold for 30(thirty) seconds. The reason is that the pain or ache you feel in the feet is a result of stagnant blood in the area.

When hot water (not too hot to burn the foot)  is applied to that feet blood rushes to the area, which lasts for about 3mins after which the rate of blood flow is reduced, to hype the rate, cold water has to be applied for 30sec after which the feet or area where the cold is applied becomes numb, so the hot-cold circle has to continue to keep the flood to the area constant. 5 to 8 circles are the adequate duration.

The aim of getting oxygenated blood constantly in and out of the affected feet or area is because oxygenated blood comes with the white blood cells that aid in healing.

What is the best homemade foot soak?

  1. Baking soda. Adding baking soda to a foot soak can help exfoliate the skin, ease itching, and cleanse the feet. …
  2. Vinegar. Use 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar for a foot soak. …
  3. Olive oil. Add a few drops of olive oil to warm water for a hydrating foot soak. …
  4. Essential oils.

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