Wow! I’ve done Atkins, Slimming world, Trim Healthy Mama, Noom, IF … nothing else has worked this fast or been this easy.

I was slightly above the healthy BMI after 2 leg surgeries, I’m a 46 yr old woman with 3 kids and my weight just seemed to be ticking inexorably up. 1 or 2 lbs higher every holiday and birthday.
This works. It is based on real healthy food. I was already a bone broth fan and accustomed to making it and cooking with it but it was still a leap to try it for breakfast. Chicken broth is best – lighter flavor and don’t stint on seasoning. I loved the fact I could have the same food as my kids (bar the carbs) for supper. It made it very family-friendly.

Day 4 the carb flu hit me – I was space and I had a bad headache. But I was menstruating all the while I did this diet and have heavy periods. I had also had an active day away from home with not enough broth to hand. I often get a headache on day 4 of my cycle anyway. I took painkillers and went to bed early.

By day 5 I told myself that if the headache didn’t shift I’d give up. But I felt almost back to normal on waking and was down 5 lbs so I kept at it.

Today is day 7. I am compelled to write this review because since yesterday any sense of hunger has gone and my energy level is totally normal. In fact, I’ve never been more hungry on this diet than I am every single day on other long-term diets. The broth really works to keep hunger at bay.

I appreciate the ease of a shake for lunch and soups to keep me going mid-afternoon until supper. A handful of coconut chips really helps too.

Do try this. Make lots of broth in advance. Get yourself a decent thermos flask for days out – a keep cup just doesn’t have enough broth capacity to get me through a morning.

My only cheats have been the odd tiny splash of almond milk in my tea. Mainly I’ve been sticking to black tea tho which has been ok although I love milky tea. I had one flat white with almond milk too while out.

My skin is glowing too. I’m sold!

PS this is all 100% genuine. I made all the stuff at home no boxed stuff and didn’t follow the fancy recipes just opting for basic meat/ fish and greens/ salad for meals and basic soups. It wasn’t much work. I’m a moderately confident cook.

I’ve done Dr. KellyAnn’s 21-day bone broth diet and loved it. I can honestly say that this is my new favorite go-to diet, though, whenever I feel I need a “re-boot” or to remove stubborn lbs. I started this diet with 19 lbs. to lose.
In my first round of 10 days, I lost 8 lbs. I then went on a 2-week trip and stayed as close to the maintenance plan (or 80/20 plan) as possible. I’m now on round two of the 10 days and feeling so good! This diet has helped me with joint pain, as well as my skin, hair and nails look and feel great – and I’VE LOST THE BLOAT!!
This is easy to follow and for me an important way to correct some things that I’ve seen others take medication for. I’m 51 years old and don’t take medication of any kind after following Dr. KellyAnn’s plan!