The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook: Weight Loss Made Simple is designed to help listeners transition to this transformative way of life as smoothly and solidly as possible. 



Sustainable weight loss expert Susan Peirce Thompson builds on the success of her Bright Line Eating Boot Camps and best-selling book with: The Official Bright Line Eating CookbookThe Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook is designed to help listeners transition to this transformative way of life as smoothly and solidly as possible. The first book gave explicit instructions as to what the guidelines for each meal are, but no specific suggestions as to what to actually cook. This book provides recipes, as well as tons of tips, tricks, and tools culled directly from the Bright Line Eating community, the “Bright Lifers” themselves!

Because Bright Line Eating is unlike any food program out there, this cookbook will be unlike any seen before. It’s broken down by warm bowls, cold bowls, and plates. There will be a large section on salad dressings – because Bright Lifers live and die by their dressing! Note: There will not be any “cheat” foods, because those foods keep the addiction alive in the brain, slow weight loss, and leave you vulnerable to old habits.

Susan says over and over, “my diet book is different,” but it’s exactly like every other diet book out there, and in fact, much more strict and MUCH more boring. Honestly, the book is nicely done, with great color pictures and realistic testimonials (no one is super thin, and still on their journey). But every diet book has two things. #1. Their RULES for success, and #2 Meal plans that comply with their rules.

This is EXACTLY what is done here. That’s why I kept laughing every time I read, “This book is different from all the other diets in the world.” Susan claims that because after a while of eating perfectly measured food, the same meals over and over and over, with no snacking ever, your brain will go on autopilot.

You don’t have to think anymore. But here are the four RULES. 1. NO SUGAR 2. NO FLOUR 3. NO SNACKS EVER 4. MEASURE OR WEIGH EVERY SINGLE THING YOU EAT FOR YOUR THREE PROPORTIONED MEALS PER DAY. So this is why it’s called a boot camp. I don’t have problems with this diet book, it’s just that she’s got to stop saying her book is different, that it’s not a diet book.

It’s not any different (except very strict without much variety at all), and it IS A DIET BOOK. Good luck if you try it out. The best way to lose weight is to stay off sugar and flour and eat a hearty amount of whole fruits and veggies. Simple as that. But once you start weighing everything (yes, even at social events) and having no variety…no thanks. You may say it puts you on autopilot, but if people are too restricted, after a while they go haywire.