Dirty Lazy Keto (Revised and Expanded): Get Started Losing Weight While Breaking the Rules 



Folks I received an advanced reader’s copy of the book read it in 4 days, yes 4 days, I could not put down Stephanie’s book, to say the least, this book goes into depth about what we need to know and must know. Stephanie pours her heart and soul out in this book.

Nearly 9 months ago I took the plunge and bought her 1st book, created a Facebook page myself called (KETO) The Real Housewives of Lazy Dirty Keto, I read that book I started using her practices during my vacation currently I am down 60.5 pounds. And many inches!

Am I learning more of course she spilled out more information in this book?

You don’t need any special products, she spells it out! Shop the outer perimeter of the grocery store.

You will definitely be able to relate to Stephanie. I to have been in her shoes!

I’m not finished with my journey and I cannot wait for her to make more books!

Thank you Stephanie Laska and hey folks get your book now!