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To be honest, when I first got this book I was both overwhelmed and a bit disappointed. My first reaction was “there is too much to read, I just want a book that quickly states what I should eat for what I want to heal.” I put the book away for a couple of days–but then I started looking through it and actually reading it!

My attitude immediately changed. While this book has a lot of pages and looks more scholarly than I was hoping for–the author has written it in a way that is easily understandable, interesting, and most importantly helpful! I felt embarrassed that my first response to the book was that it had too many pages and that I didn’t want to read so much.

I did find the pages that list the foods that should be eaten depending on which of the five defense systems you are interested in. They are in charts near the back of the book in Appendix A.

The five systems are Angiogenesis (blood vessels and circulation), Regeneration (stem cells), Microbiome (healthy bacteria), DNA Protection (I didn’t know this was even possible), and Immunity. The chapters for each of these areas go in-depth explaining why. I actually found this information very interesting when I actually started reading it!

The book is divided into three main parts. Part One explains each of the body’s natural defense systems. Part Two is on what to eat to beat the disease. Part Three is on planning, choosing, and acting. It includes topics such as the 5 x 5 x 5 framework the author has created that makes it easy to incorporate these foods. It also has a chapter on “Exceptional Foods” and “Sample Meal Guide and Recipes.”

If you are looking for information on what to eat to help our body’s natural defense system this book should be one of the top ones you consider!