Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar – Your Brain’s Silent Killers 



I listened to this book in its entirety recently. All I can say is Life Changing!!!
Now I DID read the “1-star” reviews. This is my take. Physicians, that take the time to do bad reviews on Amazon? Ok. But really, there are studies to support any angle. Truly. But what grasped me were the author’s patients with life-altering issues, having such incredible improvement or loss of symptoms… not to mention it is just good science. Sure there might be ways to question some of the studies. But the ones that mattered most were the ones not opposed by the nay-sayers 1-star reviewers. Like how they have long since admitted low-fat high carb is not (heart) healthy (etc). Duh.

If you truly believe that high carbs/sugar diets are not an issue in the American diet, then you aren’t looking around. None of the negative reviews that want to poo-poo the idea we don’t need so many carbs (grains), fail to understand, it seems, that he has plenty of naturally occurring non-grain carbs in this diet. Enough to do what is needed in regards to carbs in our body!
Societies whose longevity is related to a plant-based diet are typically those very active regardless of age and as was mentioned, a healthy community… that is great for them. Their diets, LIKE HIS, are NATURAL carbs and none processed. In the day of virtual community and low activity, a high carb/low-fat diet, well, there is plenty of proof it is not working for us!!
There is also plenty of proof of our deficiency of omega 3’s, Vitamin D, and so forth.

Go ahead and defend your carbs. I think I will go with the basic statistic that diabetics are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s and dementia and take a different path towards wellness… Cuz the road I was on with the SAD (standard American diet) gave me cancer, and put my overall health at huge risk. With low carb I lost a TON of weight, improved my cholesterol ratios, and reversed my pre-diabetic state… aye I need grains. Or not!

Again-I highly recommend this book! I am also seeing changes in my children as we switch our dietary priorities!