Very good book instructing how to do the different hydrotherapy techniques. I used this as a textbook for one of my classes and thought it was a good way to preview for my class where I’d actually have to do these therapies. I also liked how this book explained the mechanisms of the therapies and why they work.


Hydrotherapy is by its very nature a non-medical yet evidence-based healing art. This book provides a very good overview, with instructions as to how to reproduce a variety of hydrotherapeutic treatments, as well as the physical laws of nature behind water therapeutics.

There is a somewhat unfortunate sense in the book that this healing art was “developed” by medical practitioners, when in fact the intelligent use of hot and cold water therapeutics goes very far back into human history and has been widely utilized and developed by many types of people along the way. It is important to remember that medical practice, as such, is really very recent- and that ironically, it was the development of the medical codex and curriculum standards that sounded the death knell for traditional hydrotherapy in that field. Massage therapists, traditional naturopaths (ND), medical naturopaths (NMD), physical therapists, bodyworkers, and others have drawn from these traditions with excellent results over the past modern decades.

My additional comment is that this book would be more widely received if it were re-printed, made widely available, and edited for a wider demographic for the potential use of hydrotherapy. It is really a shame that such a simple and straightforward, and inspiring book is so highly-priced and in limited availability. I bought it for about 12$ about 19 years ago….yet at this writing, an affordable copy for teaching use cannot be found.

Excellent work. Great balance between the old-time knowledge of hydrotherapy and modern applications of it.