I have looked at some of the reviews, submitted by other customers, and it is a mixed bag. Each individual is of course entitled to his or her own opinion, and to present the same.

What we have here is a commonsense approach to our health, without the usual fluff, or the usual turned-up noses of the family doctor. All we get is this prescription and that prescription. It seems all our doctors want to do these days is poison you, or cut you, to remove a part of your anatomy.


As we have been told time and time again prevention is the best way to combat disease. Yet this common-sense approach is not taught in our nation’s Medical Schools. Why? Could it be there would be little or no need for doctors or specialists? Could it be there would be no need for the snake oils peddled by the industries responsible for the creation of these formulas? Maybe there is a keep this quiet because if the truth gets out, a great number of prescription drugs will become useless, which they are already.

Pick up any normal Medical Journal, and all you see are drug therapies, drug promotions, or medical tools, mostly at the great cost of medical care, which to most is unaffordable. Is it all about money? Not about getting well.

Radiation, chemotherapy is the big buzzwords in cancer treatment these days. Even more so medical journals tell us these therapies may kill us before they kill cancer. Even so, there is no common sense approach to medical care. Researchers are only looking for the approach that will enrich, not cure. Not only cancer but diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Look at it this way, suppose you were to break your leg, and all the doctor did was to give you a set of crutches, as a form of treatment. Make sense? No. But in the medical world today this is all we get. Crutches, in the form of prescription drugs.

Read the book, and be your own laboratory. Try what is outlined in it and give it some time and see if you do not start to feel better. Fresh air, daily exercise, sleep, at the proper time, clean water, proper amounts of sunshine, and a good relationship, with people, (hold no grudges)and whatever, or however you worship, live up to it. This is the book in a nutshell.

But one has to remember we do not need animals in our diet, the consumption of flesh foods, destroys, more than helps, and animals get the same diseases as mankind. Then look at the hundreds of millions of animals slaughtered each day, and understand no one gives these animals a physical before feeding them to mankind.



This book was delivered sooner than I was thinking I would receive it. I had read one chapter, “The Frontal Lobe” from a friend’s copy, and I knew then I had to have my own. This book has changed my life. It has shown me more than I have ever thought I would learn, and I am just barely halfway through. If one follows the information in this book one can change their lifestyle to match one that is designed to restore health and possibly lessen the dosage or completely stop taking certain drugs. (With the doctor’s guidance of course) I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to improve their health but does not know where to start. Even though it was published in 1999, it addresses the same problems people are having today. This book can save your life.


The overall purpose of the book is to promote optimal health through healthy lifestyle choices. The book discusses all major health concerns, like heart, diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, melatonin, etc. There are over 500 pages; it is a reference book and contains an abundance of sources (medical journals and studies, etc.) cited. I was surprised at the numerous charts and diagrams, all in color, which almost gives it a middle school textbook look. Explanations are easy to read and thorough, and the Index is very complete. One thing readers should know: the author, Dr. Neil Nedley, is a Christian so the book contains some Biblical references. I did not find this offensive, some people might. While I may not agree with all of his nutritional advice, he has studies to support his opinions and I do not.



This is an excellent reference guide from a physician who understands the impacts of nutrition and lifestyle on your health and wellbeing. Dr. Nedley has compiled vast amounts of research in a way that is easy to read and understand. Proof Positive will help you understand what lifestyle is optimal for your health.

The book is arranged in such a way that each chapter could be a book. For example, there are chapters on Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Protein, Fish, Milk, etc. and each macro subject is thoroughly covered with the micro details discovered from the research of thousands.

I have several books on the subject of health and nutrition and invariably Proof Positive is the one I find most helpful when I have a question.

It is helpful for the shopper to understand that Dr. Nedley promotes a completely vegetarian diet and lifestyle, not because of PETA, but because the data clearly indicates a vegetarian diet supports optimal health.