If you only ever read one book for Diabetes this is it. I was diagnosed with Diabetes 16 years ago and wish I had this book then. Although I have controlled it with a low carb diet I have still occasionally suffered from symptoms that I associate with Diabetes side effects. I have been following Dr. Fung with fasting over the last few months losing 30lbs but this book really put it all together for me. I can’t tell you how grateful l am for all the effort and work he has put into this. It was an eye-opener in so many ways, explaining the disease in ways I have never heard before but makes absolute sense. Dr. Fung, I can’t thank you enough.



The Diabetes Code Pdf

The first week of March I was diagnosed with diabetes. My blood glucose at the time was 383 and my A1C was 11.6! I began researching diabetes and found videos of Dr. Jason Fung on YouTube. I bought both of his books, the obesity code, and the diabetes code the day it was released for sale.

I began the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. I just received my new lab results today. In just 7 weeks my blood glucose is 120 and my A1C is 6.8!!! Thank you so much Dr. Fung for giving me the direction to reverse my diabetes!!! The Diabetes Code is a must-have book for people living with diabetes!
Update… Last week I had my A1C checked by my doctor. It is 5.6! This book works!

Another Review

When I was diagnosed with Type2 diabetes my doctor (and the rest of the NHS) told me that:

  •  By having the correct foot checks, I will most likely keep my feet, as only the bit that had gone bad would need cutting off.
  •  That the eye checks will enable laser eye treatment to be done before I went blind.
  • And that the dose of the drug could be increased if it did not work, and there were many more drugs that could be tried before I went on insulin.

    However, I recalled seeing on the BBC “Doctor in the House” program that some people had been able to come off their drugs and get normal blood glucose levels. I, therefore, read the presenter’s (Dr. Rangan Chatterjee) blog, etc, this took me to a youtube video “Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines” Hence I discovered low carb diets……..

    After reading many blogs (some written by Jason Fung on the diet doctor website), internet forums (Google “type 2 reversal”) research papers, and some books, I learned enough to reverse my Type2 getting my blood glucose well into the normal level. But the learning took lots of time and effort.

    There is nothing in the book that I don’t now know, but it is explained much clearer than elsewhere, hence if I had this book when I was diagnosed, I could have learned everything I needed to reverse my diabetes in a few days of reading, rather than many weeks of self-directed learning.

    Highly recommended for everyone with Type2 diabetes who has not (yet) returned to normal blood glucose levels without the need for drugs.

    PS, using the methods in this book, I have got my hba1c down to 38 mmol/mol (5.6%) from 88 mmol/mol (10.2%) in under one year.