The Mind-Gut Connection: How the Hidden Conversation Within Our Bodies Impacts Our Mood, Our Choices, and Our Overall Health



It is surely no shortage of trade books on the microbiome and the list of books is bound to proliferate given the popularity of the topic. This book separates itself from the pack in a number of ways. First, Dr. Mayer is one of the select group of scientists worldwide whose work has helped fuel research into what we know about the microbiome and its importance to our health. While other scientists saw painful medical disorders like irritable bowel syndrome as a “psychiatric disorder” Dr. Mayer was conducting research showing that the brain has a far more powerful and complex role in tipping the balance between health and illness than just governing our mental wellbeing.

Because he knows what he is talking about, the reader can feel confident that the material is accurate, trustworthy, and backed by evidence tested in rigorous laboratory settings. This is no small feat among the growing number of books chock full of half-truths, exaggerations, and outright inaccuracies that make it hard for the reader to separate fact from fiction.

Second, Dr. Mayer emphasizes the importance not only of how our mood, behaviors like our activity level and what we eat and drink, and mindset can impact the collection of microbes that colonize the human body but how our microbiome can in turn impact the brain. There is no other book available that covers so much terrain with such expertise and precision.

Third, the book is an easy read, written in such an engaging and non-technical manner that even the person whose last science book was in 10th-grade bio class will find this book a pleasure to read, making it far and away from the best microbiome book out there for the general audience.

Finally, as a gifted clinician, Dr. Mayer concludes the book with some “nuts and bolts” strategies for how to make simple lifestyle changes that put in practice what microbiome research tells us about how to optimize our health. A+: Recommend wholeheartedly
— Dr. Jeffrey Lackner, Behavioral Medicine Clinic, University at Buffalo, SUNY


This book is exceedingly helpful and informative. My husband, who is a professor in the Medical School at UCLA, and I are captivated by this important and cutting-edge work. I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Mayer as my physician years ago and he cured me of my IBS. This work explains clearly the connection between the mind and the gut, which is bidirectional, it is utterly fascinating.

There are few professionals with the combination of care, compassion, concern, dedication, and knowledge that Dr. Mayer possesses. It is a gift to us that he wrote this outstanding book. I strongly recommend this vital book. He is an exceptional physician, as he looks at the whole person and the interconnection with the mind, body, emotions, and spirit, sadly, a rare combination in today’s medical practice…