You Can Drop It!: How I Dropped 100 Pounds Enjoying Carbs, Cocktails & Chocolate – and You Can Too!



Let’s see…the title of this book is ‘You Can Drop It! How I Dropped 100 Pounds Enjoying Carbs, Cocktails & Chocolate-And You Can Too!’. Sample daily menu – Breakfast: BEACH BAR Breakfast Bowl, Lunch: Citrus Tofu with Slaw and Orange, Dinner: Baked Cod with Zucchini Packets with Tomato. HELLO? What happened to the carbs, cocktails, and chocolate? There are very few carbs on this menu. Maybe the BEACH BAR is chocolate – but is it fair to ask readers to special mail-order a product for the menu plan?

Though I like the author’s breezy, easy writing style the book was an overall disappointment. She does suggest four major things; drinking water, eating veggies, using a scale daily, and keeping a record. And she gives tips and suggestions on how to do these things. But what she said could easily have been summed up in a magazine article.

It really bummed me out that she is pushing BeachBody products and services so hard. She offers a paid membership course on her method. That’s fine. But it’s one thing to suggest a product. It’s another to suggest learning more on a topic by reading articles or watching videos that are part of the paid membership, not included with the book. And she bases many of her menus around BeachBody products.

I purchased the eBook version and it includes grocery lists that are not printable (though maybe they are in the paid membership program) but otherwise, the formatting is good. Overall, I felt the eBook (which was more expensive than the hardcover) included some good material. But it read more like a book for her Beachbody program than a stand-alone weight loss book for someone not using Beachbody. And this was not made clear in the product description. The book also suggests a companion Beachbody app but doesn’t clarify which one. I saw two in the app store and they both appeared to be paid subscriptions.

The book description makes promises of weight loss and I disliked reading it only to find that I need to buy her special Beachbody program to get ‘all the information and special shakes and bars to follow the menus. That said I do like how she encourages veggies etc.


I read all the 5-star reviews before ordering this book and I was really looking forward to receiving it. However, upon receipt, I quickly realized it is just more of the same information as one gets from other weight loss books. I find that all weight loss books have meal plans with foods that I don’t eat, and recipes that don’t appeal to me, as is the case with this book, too.

I was also disappointed in the push to join the 2B Mindset subscription through the Beachbody website. One of the Facebook groups actually requires a paid membership to join. That was a turn-off, too.

I’m glad others find it helpful, as we’re all looking for that one thing that resonates with us to help us lose weight, but for me, it isn’t what I was looking for so I returned the book. I may be the only one who doesn’t rate this book 5 stars, but I have to give my honest opinion.