What Comes Out During A Colon Cleanse

What Comes Out During A Colon Cleanse



Studies and researches have revealed a great relationship between our health and success in career, relationships, education, etc.

Health is a pivotal aspect of our lives, in order to accomplish our goals and objectives, we must have optimal health.

There are many endless stories of people who have subscribed to health and fitness programs, buying several supplements and used several herbs to no avail, to these at the verge of giving up or have already given up I will ask, are you sure this little or minor overlooked aspect has not been sabotaging all your efforts even killing your motivation?

Let’s dive in and unmask this saboteur.

Coprophagia is a term used for animals that feed on excrement, e.g. Dogs, Rabbits, Dung beetles, etc.

This term is not very common in humans, we are structured in such a way that food is meant to be retained in the system for only 24 hours, and if not eliminated in time, petrification occurs, causing autointoxication.

You must have heard the saying that death begins in the colon, so also does healing begin in the colon. A dirty colon is the mother of all diseases.

The colon is the sewer system of the body, but with neglect and abuse, it becomes a cesspool of toxins that spill over into the body,” Dr. William Hunter. 

Unfortunately, humans are gradually evolving to Coprophagia through the aid of the food industries. When food is processed or made fine [refined], most nutrients are lost and the legs [Fibre] that would have assisted the food or snacks in its journey in and out of our system is crippled and in most cases amputated.

Of the 22,000 operations I personally performed I never found a single normal colon and of the 100,000 performed under my jurisdiction not over 6% were normal,” Dr. Harvey W. Kellogg, M.D

When the waste that was intended by nature to be removed is retained or not removed on time as a result of sluggish movement due to the absence of fiber, our body reabsorbs the fluid in the fecal waste, this prepares the way for petrifaction and contamination of incoming food.

Out of 100,000 autopsies that I had attended, less than 10% of the people had normal colons,”
-Dr. Norman W. Walker, D.Sc., Ph.D.

The health of our cells has been the building block for our body’s tissue, systems, and organs are directly linked to the quality and quantity of nutrients supplied by the blood. A dirty colon leads to a body leaden by toxins that sabotage every effort towards health. If you eat three times a day and excrete less than twice you are slightly constipated, if once in two days you are constipated.


Most people are walking around with at least 7 lbs. of faecal matter in their large intestine…I have seen patients lose that much weight, and their stomach bulge, following colon treatment,”
-Dr. Jack Lamar, M.D.

What Comes Out During A Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing involves injecting the colon with fluids to remove waste, during a cleanse, a solider confirmed that the seed of guava he ate some 10years back came out, we do not how true the statement is,  but we do know that fecal (the body\’s solid waste matter, composed of undigested food, bacteria, water, and bile pigments and discharged from the bowel through the anus) particles have the tendency to get trapped between the folds in the large intestine.

Colon cleansing is faster using colonics or enema, you be amazed at What Comes Out During A Colon Cleanse read our article on how to give enema and colonics,


Cleanse your body
• Speed up metabolism
• Get fit
• Lose weight Lose inches
• Be healthy

Dangers Of  Not Cleansing the Colon

Excess toxins and waste in the body can lead to:

  • Depression.
  • lack of energy.
  • skin conditions.
  • weight gain
  • joint pain
  • headaches
  • muscle-aches
  • chronic fatigue
  • allergies
  • gastrointestinal distress
  • irritability.
  • Etc.


Herbs That Cleanse The Colon


Drink warm water with lemon first thing in the morning. It’s a good way to detox and alkalize your body. Start each day by making a large pitcher of lemon juice and make a point of sipping your way through at least 8 glasses before bedtime. Citrus fruits are rich in the antioxidant limonene, a powerful compound found in the peel that stimulates liver enzymes to help flush toxins from the body and give sluggish bowels a kick.


A hot foot bath is a local immersion bath covering the feet and ankles at temperatures ranging from 100° to 115° F (43°C- 46°C ).

Charcoal has been used for years as a medicinal tool. It is known for its ability to absorb toxins and gases.

  • Sunflower Seeds for Colon Detox

They are almond alternatives. A quarter-cup serving of sunflower seeds is just over 200 calories and provides 3 grams of fiber.

  • Artichoke: HERB FOR DETOX

Reduces your body fat.

  • Garlic: herb for cleaning–

It stimulates the liver into producing detoxification enzymes that filter toxic residues from the digestive system.


Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) who ate two kiwis a day for a month had less constipation and a general lessening of IBS symptoms than those who didn’t.

It is incredibly easy to digest and absorbs toxic residue from the intestinal walls.

  • Oats

Oats are a rich source of gut-friendly fiber. One cup of oats delivers 16 grams of fiber, including insoluble, which feeds healthy bacteria in your gut, and a soluble kind called Beta-glucan.

  • Omega-3 Oils

Use hemp, avocado, olive, or flaxseed oil while detoxing to help lubricate the intestinal walls. This allows toxins to be absorbed by the oil and eliminated by the body.

  • Burdock root (Arctium Lappa, Seppankizhangu, Tamil)

The root is a diuretic and has purging effects. It aids the removal of the body\’s toxins making it an efficient detoxifier.

  • Dandelion root (Simhadanti in Telugu, Sanscrit)

It promotes bowel regularity and good hydration levels in the body. it supports bile production, and bile helps transport toxins out of the body. Dandelion also helps the body’s immune system.

You can go through our 7 or 21 days full body detox

Cleaning the colon.

You will need:
1 cup of water
1 tbsp. of organic honey
1 tbsp. of Chia seeds or slippery elm 1 tbsp. of flaxseed 1 Apple
Place everything in a blender and blend until they’re all well combined and the chia seeds start expanding.
Drink the remedy on an empty stomach and eliminate the toxic waste from your colon.

This might assist you in your colon cleansing journey. Many have testified to its efficiency

Chia Seeds are rich in protein, nutrients, vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids, and fiber, which makes them excellent for your digestive system and heart health.

Flax seeds are rich in omega 3, antioxidants, and fiber as well, meaning they are an excellent ally against colon cancer as well. Moreover, it promotes cardiovascular health and intestinal nutrient absorption.

• Ellen John Pascal; Body Systems, 7 Channels of Elimination & Healing Procedures
• Christina Moore

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