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How To Clean The Belly Button & 6 Navel Infections Remedies

How To Clean The Belly Button

How To Clean The Belly Button

This article (How To Clean The Belly Button) is filled with insights that have never heard of or imagine about your navel or belly button, you might be surprised to know that your belly button is associated with your personality, health, and so many other things.

What Is Belly Button

The belly button is also known as the navel is technically a scar formed when the umbilical cord, through which the baby is fed when inside the womb is cut and tied up after birth.

Belly Button Infection Symptoms

There are so many different species of bacteria found in our belly button. Everybody has a different composition of these bacteria. About 2,400 different species of bacteria have been discovered in the belly button.

There have been instances where a bacterium previously discovered only in Japanese soil was found in a person’s belly button despite the person having never been to Japan.

Although there are different species of bacteria in the belly button they do not get the belly button infected.

It might amaze you to find out that belly button infections are not as a result of bacterial infections but rather fungal infections

Belly button infection results from fungal infection and is most common among fat persons; the skin fold common among the fat people cover up the belly button which makes it hot and moist, eventually resulting in fungi infections.

Below are some belly button infection symptoms

  1. Fever or chill
  2. A tender mass that bleeds or releases a foul-smelling discharge
  3. Redness or skin discoloration in or around the belly button.
  4. Nausea or vomiting.
  5. Itching or swelling of the affected skin.
  6. Severe pain or persistent pain around the belly button
  7. collection of several naval stones

What Is The Cause Of Belly Button Pain

Belly button pain is caused by different issue here is some possible cause of belly button pain

  1. Indigestion.
  2. Pregnancy.
  3. Constipation.
  4. Urinary tract infection.
  5. Gastroenteritis.
  6. Bacterial stomach infection.
  7. Gallstone.
  8. Appendicitis
  9. Pancreatitis.
  10. Gastritis.
  11. Esophagitis or Peptic ulcers.
  12. Fungal infections.
  13. cysts

How To Treat Belly Button Infection

Use Tea Tree Essential Oil For Belly Button Infections

The antifungal property of tea tree essential oil can assist in the extermination of candida which is the most common cause of belly button infection tea tree essential oil has been known for inhibiting the growth of stubborn bacterial species that show resistance to antibiotics

How To Use Tea Tree essential oil for Belly Button Infections

Take 1 teaspoon of Extra Virgin olive oil or coconut oil in a clean bowl

Mix in 4-5 drops of tea tree essential oil

Use a clean cotton ball to gently apply the oil mixture to the affected.

Leave it on for about 10 minutes so that solution is absorbed into the skin.

Wipe off the excess oil with a soft clean washcloth or tissue.

Use Turmeric For Belly Button Infections

The bioactive curcuminoids Present in turmeric has shown immense potency as an antibacterial and antifungal, antibiofilm, antiviral, and antimicrobial agent.

How to use turmeric for Belly Button Infections

add a drop of water into a little amount of turmeric powder to form a thick paste optionally you can add a few drops of original honey to it for more skin healing benefits.

Use your clean finger to apply the paste to the affected area of the skin

Allow the paste to dry after which the excess can be cleaned up

Keep the area dry after treatment

Use Chamomile or Marigold For Belly Button Infections

They are both medical plants that eliminate microbes responsible for belly button infections, they soothe the discomfort caused by the infection and facilitate the healing of the affected skin. Chamomile is especially known for its strong antibacterial effect on gram-positive bacteria.

How To Use Chamomile for Belly Button Infection

Extract the juice from 2-3 Chamomile or calendula flowers or leave by squeezing them, then apply it all over the infected skin.

Purchased typical oils, lotions, or ornament containing calendula or chamomile extracts and apply them to your belly button as directed

Use Neem For Belly Button Infections

The leaves of the Neem plant contain quercetin and beta Sitosterol, these two polyphenolic flavonoids are very strong antifungal and antibacterial agent that can fight the root cause of belly button infection.

Neem curbs the inflammatory pain, redness, and itching associated with belly button infection

How To Use Neem For Belly Button Infections

Crush a handful of Neem Leaf to make a paste then apply it to the infected skin, apply to allow to sit on the affected skin for 20 minutes before you rinse it off

Mix a few drops of Neem oil in one teaspoon of olive oil or any other carrier oil and then apply this concoction all over the infected skin

Use Rubbing Alcohol For Belly Button Infections.

Rubbing alcohol such as ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and n-propane have a rapid antimicrobial activity but they are not very effective against spores in the treatment of belly button infection rubbing alcohol can be used in cleaning and sanitizing

Your belly button will curb the spread of the infection and facilitate the healing process.

How To Use Rubbing Alcohol For Belly Button Infections.

Soak a cotton wool ball or swap or an alcohol pad in rubbing alcohol then clean around the belly button with a pad or wool

allow the area to dry if is your belly button is oozing drainage, it\’s best to apply an antibiotic ointment after each cleaning.

Aloe Vera Gel For Belly Button Infections.

The employment of aloe Vera gel in the treatment of belly button infection is popular and effective.

There are 12 anthraquinones (phonetic compounds) found in aloe Vera gel but two out of those two compounds namely aloin and an emodin have been found to act as antibacterial antiviral and as analgesics agents.

Aloe vera also contains 6 antiseptic agents that prevent the growth of various infection-causing fungi and bacteria

How To Use Aloe Vera Gel For Belly Button Infections.

Extract the gel from an aloe vera leaf

Apply the aloe vera gel all over the affected area and allow it to dry

How To Clean The Belly Button And Treat Any Naval Infections.

Washing prevent a buildup of dead skin sweat oil that our body produces naturally frequent washing also remove germs

Using warm water and mild soap, used a washcloth to gently clean around the inside of the belly button, rinse with clean warm water and dry with a towel to make sure that all water has been removed from the belly button.

Showering and bathing regularly can I help to prevent skin problems and other areas of the body such as the belly button and the feet can get missed but this needs as much regular cleaning as other areas of the body it is essential to wash regularly particularly after sweating a lot during exercise or in hot weather.

Belly Button Oiling

There are over 20 health benefits that can be derived from the application of various natural oil to the belly button

  1. To get rid of stubborn pimples and acne applying Neem oil on your belly button.
  2. To get rid of dry chapped lips apply mustard oil on your belly button it also works as a mild detox.
  3. To achieve a glowing face apply almond oil to your belly button.
  4. To improve your fertility apply olive oil or coconut oil to your belly button.
  5. To ease menstrual pain and cramp keep a brandy-soaked cotton ball on your belly button.
  6. For knee pain before going to bed at night put three drops of castor oil into your navel and spread it 1 and 1/2 inches around your navel.
  7. For Tremors, lethargy, shivering, pain relief in your joints, and dry skin before going to bed at night put 3 drops of mustard oil in your belly button and spread 1 and 1/2 inches around your belly button.
  8. Appetite can be improved by putting two or three drops of olive oil in the belly button before going to sleep.
  9. For tiredness, poor memory, and depression put a few drops of mustard oil in the belly button daily before going to sleep.

Your navel shape actually says a lot about your personality you can actually work on yourself to be better you by linking the shape of your belly button to what it says about you

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